Name: Ali  

Title: al-Hadi or and - Naqi  

Agnomen: Abn'l-Hasan   

Father's name: Muhammad al-Jawed( at-Taqi)  

Mother's name: sumanah  

Birth: In Suryah ( in the environs of Medina) ' on Friday' 2nd Rajab' 212 AH 

Death: Died at the age of 42 ' in Samarra' , on Monday, 26th Jumada th-thaniyah 254 AH; poisoned by al-Mu'tazz, the ' Abbasid caliph; buried in Samarra' ; North of Baghdad ( Iraq)

The Tenth Holy Imam, like his father, was also elevated to the rank of Imam in his childhood. He was six years old when his father Imam Muhammad al-Jawad died. After the death of al-Ma'mun' al-Mu`tasim succeeded him, and was later followed by the caliph al-Wathiq. In the first five years of the reign of al-Wathiq, Imam ` Ali al-Hadi (an - Naqi) lived peacefully.

After al-Wathiq, al-Mutawakkil came to power. Being too occupied in state affairs' al-Mutawakkil did not get any time to harass the Imam and his followers for four years. But as soon as he freed himself from state affairs' he started to molest the Imam.

The Holy Imam devoted himself to the sacred mission of preaching in Medina and did thus earn the faith of the people as well as their allegiance and recognition of his great knowledge and attributes. This reputation of the Imam evoked the jealousy and malice of al-Mutawakkil against him.