Now some words about the fifth root of religion and that is the `Day of Judgment.' It is the common belief of all Muslims that one day Allah will bring life to every human being and he will be judged according to his belief and actions. A man having true faith and doing right deeds will receive the Grace of Allah and will be sent to Paradise where he will find contentment according to his spiritual qualities. Persons having the wrong kind of belief will be punished in Hell.

A man having right belief but doing wrong actions will be either forgiven by Allah and sent to Paradise straight away or punished at first and then sent to Paradise.

It is impossible to deal with this topic here in detail, but it will be sufficient to say that all this depends upon so many things and all those things depend upon the Mercy and Justice of Allah.



WE BELIEVE that in the final judgement, besides God who is controlling all the judgements, there are other witnesses too; such as the hands and feet; the skin and even the ground upon which we live. All of these will testify as to what we have done before! "That Day, We should set a seal on their mouths, (SHUT THEM UP) and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet shall bear witness to all that they did." - THE HOLY QURAN 36: 65

"When they reach it, their ears and their skins will testify to their misdeeds! `why did you speak against us?'they will say to their skins? And their skins will reply: "ALLAH, who gives speech to all, has made us to speak." - THE HOLY QURAN 41: 20

"When the Earth is shaken to her utmost convulsion, and man asks:_ `What may this mean?' On that DAY will she declare her reports, because your LORD have inspired her to do so." - THE HOLY QURAN 99: 4-5