Lady Fatima(as), Imam Hassan(as) and Imam Hussain(as) are the head of heaven خانوادہ علی جنّت کا سردار ہے

English Translation:

Abu Hurayra narrated:

One day Prophet came late in the morning at the time of Isha (night) one from us told to the Prophet that we missed him so much (he came late in the morning). The Prophet said “One angel did not see me he requested Allah to see me he came to me and give me good news that my daughter Fatima is the head of the Ladies in heaven and Hassan and Hussain are the head of the Youth of heaven.”

Another Narration

 Masoor Bin Makhrama narrated:

The Holy Prophet said “Fatima is my part anybody who will make her angry, he will make me angry”.  

  Another Narration

Abbi Saeed Khudri narrated:

The Holy Prophet said “Hassan and Hussein are the head of people of heaven except two cousins from mother side, Issa and Yahya (Jesus and John)”.