"Anybody who abused Ali abused me" جس نے علی پر سب کیا اس نے مجھ پر سب کیا

These narrations say that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said “anybody who abused Ali abused me.” This proved that Moawiya bin Abu Sufyan started abusing and cursing on Imam Ali(as) publicly, it remained for decades until Umar bin Abdul Aziz. We have also presented such narrations from collected by Imam Nissai. We can also find such narration that Moawiya involved in cursing Imam Ali in Sahih Muslim Chapter Virtues of Imam Ali 

English Translation:

Abu Abdullah Jadly narrated:

I came to Umm Salma (wife of the Prophet), Umm Salma said to me “You used bad words for the Prophet”. I said to her “I asked pardon from Allah, how can I do that”. Umm Salma said to me “I heard from the Prophet, he said anybody who abused (Swearing/Cursing) Ali, he abused me”. 


Another Narration

English Translation:

Abbi Bakar narrated:

I saw Sa’ad bin Malik in Madina, Sa’ad said to me “You people used abusive word for Ali!” I said to him “Yes we do”. Then he said “Perhaps you cursed Ali” I said “I asked Pardon from Allah”. He said “Do not say bad words against Ali, even if the people would put the saw on my head to devide it into two pieces, and asked me to used abusive words to Ali I would not do that because the Prophet always used to remind us to love Ali and refrain from being hostile to him.”