Special Status of Imam Ali (as) in Islam اسلام میں امام علی کا خاص مقام

These are proven narrations among Sunni fellows that the Holy Prophet(pbuh) closed the doors opening towards the mosque except Imam Ali's door. The objection was raised even from the Uncle of the Prophet. The Prophet said "I did not order on my own, Allah ordered me to do so."

It shows the special status of Imam Ali(as) in Islam.

 English Translation:

Harith bin Malik narrated:

I came to Mecca and met with Sa'ad bin Abbi Waqas, I asked him have you ever heard about some virtues of Ali? Sa’ad said we were with Holy Prophet in the mosque, one person announced among us, everybody must leave from the mosque except the family of the Prophet and family of Ali.

Next morning uncle of the Prophet came and said to the Holy Prophet: “O Prophet of Allah you sent all your companions and your uncle out of the mosque and left this child here with you. “

The Holy Prophet said: “this order was not from me but it was from Allah!” Abu Abdul Rahman said Fattar narrated from Abdullah bin sharik that he narrates this from Abdullah bin Raqim and said: “Abbas uncle of the Prophet came to the Holy Prophet and asked O prophet you closed all the doors opening to the mosque except Ali's house. The Prophet said I did not ordered on my own, Allah ordered me to do so.”

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Another Narration

English Translation:

Ibn e Abbas rz narrated:

The Holy Prophet ordered to close all the doors opening to the Prophet's mosque in Medina except Ali's house.