Ali is the Master of believers after me علی میرے بعد سب ایمان والوں کے آقا ہیں

We know Nasibis and those people who want to hide the truth of Ghadir and do not want to acknowledge the Hadith al Ghadir that the Holy Prophet(pbuh) said "Anybody who acknowledged me as a Master Ali is his Master". They try to confuse people that actually it did not happen at Ghadir.

The Holy Prophet said at the other occasion when some people complained about Imam Ali. We want to inform those people that the Prophet announced it at Ghadir and also in other occasions as well. Imam Tirmidhi also mentioned this narration by Imran bin Hossien.

(We have separately mentioned the narrations about Ghadir from many narrators)

Please check this hadith also in Trimdhi.

 We can clearly find in these narrations that the Holy Prophet said to those people who complained about Imam Ali, “Ali is from me and I am from Ali (as I am your Master), Anybody who acknowledgedme as a Master, Ali is his Master and he is Master of All believers after me.”  

English Translation

Imran bin Hossien narrated:

The Holy Prophet sent a group of army under the command of Ali ibn Abi Talib, after the war (Imam) Ali reserved one female servant for him. Among the companions four of them they discussed badly about Ali ibn Abi Talib and they decided that they will complain to the Holy Prophet, the routine of the companions when they return back from journey first they go to visit the Holy Prophet after that they will go home. 

When the above mentioned group of army returned back they went to see the Prophet, one companion stood up among those four and he complain about Ali ibn Abi Talib. The Prophet turn his face on the other side then second companion stood up and he did the same complain then the third companion stood up and complain the same thing to the Prophet then the forth one stood up and complain the same thing. The Prophet look towards them and we could see from the facial expression of the Holy Prophet that he was angry. The Prophet said:

What made you to complain about Ali ibn Abi Talib, surely Ali is from me and I am from Ali and he is the Wali(Master) of all the believers after me.”

 Part B Urdu Translation

Another Narrator narrated

English Translation

Abdullah bin Buraydah narrated from his father:

Buraydah said that the Prophet sent us under the command of Khalid bin Walid to Yemen. The Prophet also sent another group of army under the command of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

The Prophet ordered if this both groups meet together then Ali will be the head of this two groups if you remain separate from each other then their commander will be separate.

So the groups got together and we fought with the tribe of Bani Zubaid which belong to Yemen. Muslims got victory over those pagans, those people who fought with us they got killed and we made their women and children prisoner.

Ali ibn Abi Talib selected one female slave for him. Khalid bin Walid wrote the story to the prophet and gave the letter to me that I would present it to the prophet (buraydah said) “when I presented that letter to the prophet I also complained about Ali ibn Abi Talib I saw the anger on the facial expression of the prophet. Then I said to myself this time I should secure myself I said to the prophet you send me under the command of the person who ordered me to give this complain to you so I did what he ordered me.” The Holy Prophet said to me:

Oh Buraydah do not disobey Ali, Ali is from me and I am from him and he the master (Wali) of all of you after me.”

Part B Urdu Translation

Another narrator narrated

English Translation:

Buraidah Narrated:

The Holy Prophet sent me under the command of Ali ibn e Abbi Talib towards Yamen. I felt myself uncomfortable. When I returned back I complained to the Holy Prophet about Ali. The Holy Prophet raised his head towards me and said:

“O Buraidah, Whoever considers me as his Master Ali is his Master”

Part B Urdu Translation