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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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Halala practiced by Sunni fellows is against the teachings of Islam

Divorce system and Halala in Sunni Muslims

Divorce procedure is mentioned in Quran and Hadith but Umar bin Khattab changed the law of divorce and announced three times divorce in one time. Please read the narrations in Sahih Muslim.

For example if a husband gets mad on his wife and say three times that I have given you the divorce ( three timesTALAQ,TALQ,TALAQ) and does not go back to his wife for three months, the divorce get completed between that couple. Now if that person wants to go back  to his wife, it is not possible until that woman should marry with another man and then that man should divorce the woman after intercourse , then it is possible the divorced woman can go back to her previous husband. This is called Halala system.

This is a horrible procedure which is against the teachings of Islam. There are lots of examples in Sunni Muslim society that many families and women suffering through this system. There are Halala centers and sometimes this procedure is done by Imam of the mosque in neighborhood. A husband gets emotional and mad easily on his wife, breaks his family then he has no other choice to take his wife to take his wife to Imam of the mosque or a friend to make his wife for one night and after getting divorce from that one night husband, the woman becomes entitled to re-marry with her original husband because her children and family bindings are there with the first husband. Sometimes one night husband does not give divorce and does give back woman to her original husband, this is another issue which gets raise up between that family.

Please watch the video in Urdu, this story was broadcasted on a TV channel, A Sunni Molana made 6 times (Nikah) Halala for his wife. His wife became temporary wife with his friends and gone through this procedure. She said on the TV channel with the help of social worker that I got so much mental torture and lost my mind. Her husband wants more Halalas with her but now she refused, she is living separately for the fear of more Halala procedures that's why her husband got back children from her. This all is done by a Sunni Imam of mosque to his wife on the name Islam!

Divorce system and Halala in Shia Muslims

Shia Islam which true face of Islam does not permit such system which discussed above.

First of Islam Shia Islam does not accept the changes in divorce system by Umar bin Khattab. Shias say nobody have the authority to change the laws made by Allah and practiced by his Messenger. Shia Islam does not count it divorce if a husband says to his wife divorce, divorce with the emotional state of mind. The divorce should be announced in the presence of two witnesses when a husband decide it with his cool mind that he can’t go forward with this marriage anymore, the divorce should be announced with arabic wordings as the Nikkah should be made with specific arabic wordings.

If a husband give divorce to his wife with the right procedure, if he does not go back to his wife in three months. It will be counted as one divorce, If he wants to go back to his wife, he does not need to send his wife to another person for one night. He is allowed to make again Islamic Nikkah, If he gives divorce to his wife second time and does not go back in three months, he is still allowed to make a Nikkah to take his family back. But if he divorces third time and does not go back to his wife, then it is a punishment by Allah that Islamic system is being abused by the such couple. In this situation the woman must marry with another man, If that man divorces that wife, then it is allowed for the first husband to remarry with his wife.

Please read the narration in Bukhari which is clearly against HALALA system. A companion who divorced his wife and did not go back for 3 months again he wanted to re-marry her, The Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not send his wife for the HALALA procedure!

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) simply ordered to make another nikka with her. This narration in Bukhari is according to the Shia divorce and marriage system.




001 Halala practiced by Sunni fellows is against the teachings of Islam

Please read more interesting thing which also supports the divorce system according to Shia Islam to make witnesses while the time of divorce, but the translator did not translate those words in Englsih.

{أَحْصَيْنَاهُ} حَفِظْنَاهُ وَعَدَدْنَاهُ، وَطَلاَقُ السُّنَّةِ أَنْ يُطَلِّقَهَا طَاهِرًا مِنْ غَيْرِ جِمَاعٍ، وَيُشْهِدُ شَاهِدَيْنِ.



Please read the same fact from Bukhari with Urdu translation that the Prophet said "Make two witnesses while you divorce your wife"


This is the problem with our Sunni fellows who do not look at Quranic verses, do not follow the Sunnah of The Holy Prophet and also sometimes even do not listen to Imam Bukhari!

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