Bada'a in Sahih al Bukhari

Shias believe in Bada'a while Sunnis do not believe in it. We have an article about Bada'a on our main page, written by Dr. Taijani Samavi.

We simply want to say about Bada'a that Allah can change his decision about different people according to their actions. It is all due to the best knowledge of Allah (swt) about them. It could bring more reward for them or more punishment for their deeds.

The belief of Bada'a does not mean that Allah do not have knowledge about the future of people. Sunni fellows try to twist the meanings and just make propaganda about Bada'a. Those Sunni fellows who hate Bada'a, they must read their own narration of Bukhari.

Please the narration which says due to the action of two companions, decision about the information of night of Al-Qadr was changed !

We want to give little more explanation regarding this matter. Shias believe that the actions of human kinds are subjected to totally free will neither everything is pre-planned for them that they act as a robot. If everything is written for them already and if a person does not have any choice, then why people will get punished at the Day of Judgment? it is against the justice of Allah.

We can understand it with this example that a driver has given a choice to run the train between 0-300 miles/ hr. If he runs his train until 100 mile/ hr, he is safe but he goes to 300 miles/ hr. He would lose the control and will face a crash. He will be responsible for all the destruction.

This logical and natural, if someone will spend healthy life with is positive actions, he will have more blessings in his life. But if someone gets involve in wrong stuff, he can lose the blessings of Allah.

We all believe that giving charity, being nice with parents and other people increase the blessings of Allah and the person can be saved from bad things.

We all believe that we have tests in our lives it depends how we perform in those tests. Allah's decision could be changed according to the actions of the people.

Please read the narration in Bukhari, in the narration arabic word BADA'A itself is used. They translated it that Allah tested those three people.  بَدَا لِلَّهِ أَنْ يَبْتَلِيَهُمْ




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