Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) wanted to commit suicide

Prophet Mohammad pbuh wanted to do suicide

Please read the hadith and imagine what kind of picture of prophethood Bukhari is presenting

Issa (as )(Jesus) spoke out when he was a baby announcing that he is a Prophet. But how come Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the head of all prophets, even Angel came to him, did not know to himself that he is a Prophet. Another person have to tell him that actually he is a prophet.

A common believer who has strong faith in Allah(swt) can not even think that he would do suicide. But the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the head of all prophets used to go on the mountain again and again to attempt suicide? even angel Gabriel have to keep on assuring him (again and again) that you are a Prophet?

We know that all books written against the holy Prophet are based on such stories narrated by Abu Hurairah and (mother) Aisha.

We also know the problem of our Sunni brothers is that if they will reject the narrations of Abu Hurairah and (mother) Aisha, then nothing will left in their hands because 50 percent of Islam they learned from Abu Hurairah and rest from (mother) Aisha.