Hazrat Ayesha's goat ate the verses of Holy Quran

We are putting this narration from Sunan ibn e Maja for the reference. Please find the translation of this narration. This is narrated by Aisha (wife of the holy Prophet) says “The verse of RAJAM (stoning adulterer to death) was revealed and also the verse suckling 10 times to adult man was revealed, these both verses were written on paper and were under my pillow, when holy Prophet died, we were busy in his death, the goat (of home) entered and ate them (those two those verses)”.

Please find the link here. They frequently change thier website. This narration can be read in Sunan ibn e Maja, chapter Nikah, sub chapter Raza'at kabir, this is second narration. 

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Goat ate


This is a Hassan hadith according to Sheikh Nasir al deen al-Bani who is the famous scholar in the science of hadith

Please check here the live link of Wahabi website from where we got the screen shot.