Adult Suckling issue in Sahih Muslim

First Narration 

Adult Suckling in Sahih Muslim

Can you imagine an adult man who participated in the war, after suckling with a stranger woman, he was considered as a son and the Prophet himself laughed on such issue!

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Second Narration

Adult Suckling in Sahih Muslim - 2

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Third Narration

Adult Suckling in Sahih Muslim - 3

Please find this narration from Saudi website which is run by Saudi Ministry of religious (Wahhabi) preaching, We could not find this narration from as they ate thousands of their narrations from Sunnan ibn e Maja.

Fourth Narration


In the light of above narrations of Muslim we came to know that Aisha bint Abu Bakr (wife of the Prophet) used to say about adult suckling on behalf of the holy Prophet.

But the narration in Arabic from Sunan ibn e Maja says that (mother) Aisha stated there was a verse of Quran revealed about adult suckling that we were busy in Prophet's death, there was a verse about adult suckling and also verse of Rajam both were under my pillow, our home goat came and ate those two verses. 

Missing the verses of Quran that goat ate them is another serious matter but right now we are dealing with adult suckling.

We want to share an interesting (actually shameful) fatwa of Wahabi, Saudi scholars about adult suckling based on such teachings as they learnt from (mother) Aisha, here is the link about the shameful fatwa.