Rebellious group will kill Ammar ibn Yasir باغی گروہ حضرت عمار بن یاسر کو شہید کرے گا

This is a well proven Hadith among Sunni fellows, Imam Tirmidhi graded as Sahih hadith, Bukhari also wrote that the Holy said a rebellious group will kill Ammar, Ammar will invite them towards heaven but the group will invite Ammar bin Yasir towards hell. We know that Ammar bin Yasir (ra) got killed fighting against Moawiya's army.

Please see more details in our research work on Nissaie that people were proud on the killing of Ammar bin Yasir in front of Muawiya to get prize from him. And Muawiya gave the wrong interpretation about the killing of Hazrat Ammar. Please check the narartion from Nissaie.

English Translation:

Abu Hurayra narrated the Holy Prophet said

"I give you good news O Ammar, A rebellious group will kill you."

This is graded as Hassan Sahih