Imam Ali and Lady Fatima are the most beloved for the Holy Prophet among men and women حضور پاک مردوں میں سب سے زیادہ امام علی سے محبت اور عورتوں میں سب سے زیادہ سیدہ طاہرہ فاطمہ سےمحبت کرتے تھے

Imam Nissaie also wrote this narration that Imam Ali(as) is the most beloved person for the Holy Prophet(pbuh) among men and Lady Fatima(as) is most beloved one for the Prophet among women. In Trimdhi we can read the statement by Ayesha wife wife the Prophet that Ali and Fatima are the most beloved for the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

English Translation:

Sayyidina Buraydah (RA) reported that the dearest to Allah’s Messenger (SAW) among women was Fatimah and among men was Ali. Ibrahim said that this meant from ‘people of his household.’

Imam Tirmidhi graded this as Hassan Hadith.

Here is another narration:

English Translation:

Jumay’ ibn Umayr Taymi reported that he went to Sayyidah Ayshah (RA) with his paternal aunt. He asked her,

“Which one of the people was dearest to Allah’s Messenger (SAW).”

She said,


She was asked,

“And of the men?”

she said,

“Her husband.”

And I know he was much given to fast and to stand (in salah).