Ali will fight on the interpretation of Quran علی لوگوں سے قرآن کی تاویل پر جنگ کریں گے

These narrations clearly say that Imam Ali (as) will fight on the interpretation of Quran which clearly proves that the opponent of Imam Ali were wrong! 

We know already that the Holy Prophet(pbuh) declared about Imam Ali. The Prophet said “Ali is from me and I am from Ali, he is responsible to carry my message , No one can convey on my behalf except myself or Ali.”

We know this fact very well that Ayesha and Moawiya  fought with Imam Ali and thousands of Muslims got killed!

We need to find the right answer of this question who is the responsible for the killing of thousands of Muslims Imam Ali or the opponent of Imam Ali

English Translation

Sayyidina Ali ibn Abu Talib said at Rahbah: During the peace of Hudaybiyah, a number of idolaters came to us. Suhayl ibn Amr and other chiefs were among them. They said,

“0 Messenger of Allah, many people have come to you from our children, our brothers and our slaves. And they have no understanding of religion. They have only escaped from our wealth and our properties. So, return them to us. If they lack an understanding of religion, we shall make them understand.”

So, the Prophet (SAW) said,

0 company of Quraysh, desist! If not then Allah will impose on you such people as will strike your necks with swrlds for religion. Allah has tried their hearts for faith.”

They asked,Who is he, 0 Messenger of Allah?”.

Abu Bakr (RA) asked him,Who is he, 0 Messenger of Allah?

And Umar(RA) asked,Who is he, 0 Messenger of Allah?”

He said,He is the one who mends sandals,” and he had given his sandals to Ali to mend them. Then Ali turned to them and said: Allah’s Messenger said,

If anyone forges a lie on me intentionally then let him find his place in Hell.