The Successor of Prophet Yousef was not a Prophet

We are having here some screen shots in Urdu from the Sunni sources that the successor of Prophet Yousef was not a prophet. These read from Tabari, History of Ibn Kathir and Tafseer ibn Kathir. Prophet Yousef`s brother Yahowa who got the successorship and kingdom of Prophet Yousef was not a Prophet. Please read Tafseer ibn e Kathir under the commentary of Surah Yousaf verse 7-8 that there is no evidance that Prophet Yaàqoob`s sons other than Prophet Yousef were Prophets.

We want inform here that Prophehood remained in the decendents of Prophet Yaàqoob but Yousef (as) was the only son who was the Prophet.


proof2 part1

History of Ibn e Kathir

proof2 part2

Tafseer Ibn e Kathir

proof 2 part3