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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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Satan put his words in the Prophet's mouth (astaghferullah)شیطان نے اپنے کلمات حضور پاک کے منہ میں ڈالے ...حضور پاک نے شیطان کی بات کہہ دی اور مشرکین کے بتوں کی تعریف کردی.

We can read the complete story in English about the incident of Gharaniq from the Sunni history book Tabari Vol 6, end of page 107 and page 108. Please check the link here.

The story of Gharaniq is very famous in Sunnis books. It says when the Holy Prophet (pbuh) recited the Surah al Najam then when he recited verses 19-20, Satan put his words in the Prophet's mouth and the Holy Prophet praised the idols/gods of the pagans of Mecca. The pagans got so happy with it, when the Holy Prophet recited the end part of Surah Najam, which says to do Sajdah. The Holy Prophet and the Muslims bowed for the Sajdah. The Pagans of Mecca also bowed down along with the Muslim because they were happy that the Holy Prophet praised their idols/gods.

This story is mentioned Tabqaat ibn e Sa,ad, Tabri and many other books.The story in Tabri says: everyone (Muslims and pagans) performed Sajdah except one old man Walid bin Mughera. He was unable to perform sajdah but he put some stones on his forehead to pretend that he did Sajdah.

We have translated and explained the story of Gharaniq in English. We have also posted the screenshot from Tabri which had whole story in Urdu.

The story mentioned in Bukhari is not detailed enough as mentioned in Tabri and other books. But it testifies the particular incident when the Pagans of Mecca performed prostration along with the Muslims except one person (Ummayya) who put rocks on his forehead and pretended the sajdah. If we believe on the story of Bukhari that the pagans performed Sajdah along with the Muslims. It clearly means that something big happened. We all know that the pagans of Mecca were very much powerful over Muslims They always used to give hard time to Muslims. If the pagans performed sajdah along with the Muslims, it is very unusual.  The story of Bukhari and Tabri testify each other. The story in Tabari mentions Walid bin Mugherah `s name while Bukhari mentiones Ummayah hin Khalaf `s name that one person did not perform Sajdah. The narrators mixed up the names. We challenge to those people who wish to defend Bukhari, Please come give us the details of the narartions of Bukhari with their authentic sources. Why Pagons of Mecca performed Sajdah along with the Muslim?

We want to say here that the story mentioned in Bukhari and Tabri is not true, satan cannot put his words in the Holy Prophet"s mouth.

Quran says about the Holy Prophet (53:3-4)

”He does not speak out of his own desires. It is a revelation which has been revealed to him.”

We also want to comment on Bukhari’s and Tabri’s story that such stories bring bad names to Islam and our beloved Prophet. We know that the author of Satanic verses wrote a book on behalf of such fake stories and gave such name to his book. We also want to say that the book Satanic verses which is written against Islam and the Holy Prophet, that book is complied on the basis of such stories which are exist in our Sunni fellows’ books.

Screenshot from Tabri Urdu translation 

insult of the prophet


Narration from Bukhari



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