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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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Shia-Sunni debate Topic : Sahaba


This debate was conducted at Facebook in the group called THE RIGHT PATH

At the end of this debate. The website Management shared few comments and happily provided the screenshot proofs fram Bukhari and Muslim.


Debate rules:


1. Presentation of arguments by the debaters / apologists.

First will be Brother Abu Jaiyana then Brother Qamar Muneer. 2500 words maximum which must be made within 24 hours from the time the debate starts and after the affirmative has finished his presentation.


2. Rebuttal. The affirmative will do it within 24 hours after the presentation of the negative side and the negative side will do it within 24 hours also after the rebuttal of the affirmative side. 1500 words maximum. Only one rebuttal for each debater.


3. Conclusion. Affirmative has 24 hours to do it in not more than 1000 words and the same time and words have been allotted to the negative side.

debate pic

Presentation by Abu Jaiyana

001 Abu Jaiyana Presentation1

002 Abu Jaiyana Presentation2

003 Abu Jaiyana Presentation3

004 Abu Jaiyana Presentation4

005 Abu Jaiyana Presentation5

006 Abu Jaiyana Presentation6

Presentaiton by Qamar Muneer

007 Qamar Presentation 1

008 Qamar Presentation 2

009 Qamar Presentation 3

010 Qamar Presentation 4011 Qamar PResentation 5

012 Qamar Presentaion 6

013 Qamar Presentation 7

014 Qamar Presentation 8


Rebuttal by Abu Jaiyana

015 Abu J Rebuttal 1

016 Abu J Rebuttal 2

017 Abu J Rebuttal 3

018 Abu J Rebuttal 4


Rebuttal by Qamar Muneer

019 Qamar Rebuttal 1

020 Qamar Rebuttal 2

021 Qamar Rebuttal 3

022 Qamar Rebuttal 4

023 Qamar Rebuttal 5

024 Qamar Rebuttal 6

Conclusion by Abu Jaiyana

025 Abu J Conclusion 1

026 Abu J Conclusion 2027 Abu J Conclusion 3

028 Abu J Conclusion 4

Conclusion by Qamar Muneer

029 QamarConclusion 1 030 QamarConclusion 2

031 QamarConclusion 3

032 Qamar Conclusion 4

Facilitator`s comment

033 Facilitators comment



Website Management comments


(1) The Salafi debater got defeated with his own words in his presentation.

He said: When the Ahlul Sunnah mentions the word Sahaba, we immediately

think of the Muhajireen and the Ansar because they were the ones who lived,

study, witnessed the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. and they were also the

eye-witnesses of the revelation of the Quran.


This is what Shia Islam says when we look at Sahaba as the best people. We have no other choice that we have to select only some specific people among Sahaba. Those are only the righteous Sahaba!


(2) The Salafi debater words prove that he does not have proper knowledge about the verses of Holy Quran. He mentioned only Mohajreen and Ansaar but the middle part of the verse (9:100) says and those who followed them in goodness - Allah is well pleased with them.


Quran also testified those other Sahaba as well who righteously followed and joined the righteous Sahaba among Mohajreen and Ansar. The Salafi debater did not mention about those Sahaba, even Allah is pleased with them!


(3) There is only gradation among the righteous Sahaba. But those Sahaba who were actually hypochrites. Allah said in the verse 9:101 We will give them double punishment and those Sahaba According to the narrations of Bukhari will go to hell fire and will invite Ammar bin Yasir to hell fire. There is no gradation for them.


Website Management is happy to provide clear references with screenshots from Bukhari and Muslim, used in the debate about Sahaba.


(1) Umar bin Khattab run away from the battle Hunain along with other Sahaba. Please check the link.


(2) The Prophet told his Sahaba after me you will have greed of Government and at the Day of Judgement you will regret. Please check the link. In the narration word سَتَحْرِصُونَ is uses which means you will be greedy.

 (3) Please check the link that the Holy Propeht told his Sahaba you will be taken away from me at the pond of Kauthar.


(4). Please check the link that one Sahabi confessed that we performed innovations after the Propeht. In the narration word أَحْدَثْنَا is used which means we performed innovations.

(5) Please check the narration of Bukhari about the rebellious group of Sahaba who invited Ammar to hell fire.


(6) Please check the proofs about Abu Hurairah here.


(7) Please check proofs from this link about Umyyad that the Propeht said one tribe of Quraish (Umayyad) will destroy my nation, stay away from them.


(8) Please check the proofs about the destruction in Medina and burning of Ka,aba from the hands of Umayyad.


(9) Please check the proof from Bukhari that the Holy Propeht testified the faith of Iranian nation. But unfortunatly still people open their mouths against Iranian Islam.




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